Tips to ace your first escape room

Arranged a date for your first escape room with your team? Feeling excited, or maybe a bit nervous? Well, here are some tips we think might be helpful to those going on their first escape room journey.

1. Communicate with your teammates

Once you are inside the room, make sure you are communicating with your team. Found an object you think has something to do with solving the case? Tell your team (especially if it is something everyone is currently looking for). Don’t mutter words to yourself. It’s better if you yell out loud, instead. Clear and rapid communication might save a great deal of time for your team.

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2. Pass the salt

If you find yourself staring at a math problem or a puzzle for too long, you might want to pass it along to your team members. Remember that one of your friends might be able to solve it right on the spot. So if you find yourself in a dead end, move onto something else and exchange tasks with your friends.

3. Spread out

Do not work on the same puzzle with the whole team. It’s better if you break into pairs or groups and comb the room for things. Your team will have a greater chance of getting out of the room if its members are solving different riddles at the same time.

4. Search everywhere

As obvious as it may sound, do look carefully in places both that capture or don’t capture your attention. Examine each and every corner of the room for secret objects, keys, locks and etc. You’ll never know at which point of your “searching operation” you’ll come across a key to solving the mystery.

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5. Do not rule out crazy ideas

You should not rule out ideas that might sound…well, to put it mildly, ridiculous. Instead, give a person who thought of an idea a chance to implement it. What if it works? Even if it doesn’t it might bring you to a more sensible idea, or to an even crazier one. However, please do not damage the room. Which brings us to the next tip.

6. Listen to your game master and follow the rules

A game master will tell you a lot of useful information, for example, the kinds of things you shouldn’t resort to in the room. Eliminating things that are not allowed in the room is useful in figuring out the strategy to escape. The supervisor might also ‘accidentally’ slip in some hints or tips that will help you.

7. Do not bang your head against a wall

If your team is stuck and has no ideas, it’s best to ask for hints. Asking for help is okay, so don’t disregard this option. It’s better to use a hint or two than be at a dead end for 40 minutes, right? Moreover, many escape rooms allow one or two hints without it compromising your escape time or status - just be sure to check your ‘free’ hint allowance before starting the game.

8. Stay positive and do not panic

Escape rooms are hard to solve. That’s kind of the point. They have been this way all along. Would you feel proud of yourself if you solved an easy puzzle? You would probably be bored. So, losing is not the worst. It’s more disappointing when the game master tells you that you were seconds away from getting out of the room. Luckily, most supervisors tend to slip in an extra minute or two if you were just a step away from winning.

9. Do not turn on each other

An escape room is not a place to “sort things out” in a relationship. So don’t spend your time choosing sides or building alliances. Instead, use the time wisely to find the way out of the room. Remember that you and your teammates have a common mission and you are not competing against each other.

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10. Do not overthink

This may sound hard, but try not to overthink everything from the first minute you enter the room. Do not try to write down and compare all the weird marks you find on each and every page of dusty old books stacked on a shelf. Breaking furniture, ruining decorations or going out of your way in order to climb onto the ceiling is not a good idea. Do not forget to use your common sense.

11. Dress accordingly

Remember that the room escape challenge may involve physical activity: crawling, jumping, etc. Make sure you are wearing shoes and clothes you feel comfortable in.

12. Try to avoid bringing your first date to an escape room

Escape room for a first date? Probably a bad idea. The environment during the challenge might be a little stressful for two people trying to get to know each other. The escape room has a risk of ruining your first date, so choose wisely. However, if you met in an escape room community on facebook, it might actually be a great idea to explore a new cool room together.

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